Tongue in Cheek MAKEOVER

Photo ~ my own

Working on changing the blue threads in my fabric to something new

Like sunshine quicksilver gossamer showing a vague outline of the real me

Always here for you

Always bright

Always uplifting to view

With shells and jewels trailing from my hair

Peachy dreams lifting in the delicate drifting perfumed air

Always sweet and compliant, wearing my mother of pearl mantle

Granting wishes, conjuring illusions of shiny enchantments to entertain you

As you watch me, transfixed, through my prison bars

Which of course I can blithely turn into lightly whipped chocolate bars

Yes, I am on my way to your forever happiness




Never Again

“… do  not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under foot and maul you.” ~ Jesus

Photo ~ my own

There came a moment in the daylight hours when I had a clarity and saw it.


I was believing I was like a dog who got only crumbs — and it was okay.

That is when it stopped.

There was not a thing I could do to change that from happening except I could withdraw from the gorgeous users who throw out the occasional crumb.

Never again.

To Unusual Love


We’d met before — it was plain to see.

Dancing in silk — entwined branches at night.

Souls familiar as the sun goes down.

Your time had come while mine ran out.

Your coffee in sweet morning delight.

I thank kind Stars you came back to me.


In a kinder universe, it would be time for you.

In a kinder universe, we would be preparing to marry.

Remember we once were amused at the thought of having coffee together?

Now when I taste the blonde and sweet coffee of my own making,

I jolt at the thought of all the perfectly balanced ones we have shared.

My coffees never compare to the ones you make.

Not even close.

Pale coffee.


Those are my days without you.

But we have had the time together.

Now I know the difference.

Thank the Universe.

Perfect coffee
Photo ~ by Raj Swami