Photo ~ my own

My day is so full of countless incongruent pieces that slip off the table.

It is like being in a nightmare where you are running as hard as you can, but the landscape doesn’t change.

Then the fear chatters at me and I do wonder if my mind is sifting away bit by bit . . . .




Short Conversation between a Disabled Husband and Old Wife

They are sitting at the breakfast table.

She: “Honey, this is a heavy philosophical question to ask while you are eating your breakfast sweet roll. But what do you live for? In this world system, it seems to me the only thing that drives it, is sex and money. [He shakes his head.] What is there when you take sex and money out of the equation? Think about it and tell me when you feel like it. What do you live for?”

[He finishes his roll and drinks his coffee. She sits beside him, holds a mirror, and applies minimal cosmetics from a small handmade basket she carries from the bathroom. Companionable silence continues. He sets down his coffee mug.]

He: “Now to answer your question — what do I live for?  You.  I enjoy anything we do together. And I get to see you prance around the house every day. [Slight smile.]  You.”

[She gasps out a throaty laugh, stands, bends over and kisses the side and back of his neck.] “How I love you . . . . ”

Photo ~ taken by Diane Schabo