earth move
Art from Flicker online

Three lost days when I was sure –

it appeared –

I would lose

my first love,

my home, my mind.

His legs and life melted beneath him.

I witnessed my warm earth quake and dissolve.

One prophet said he was near death.

One beloved prophet declared the sands will shift.

Be prepared to act.

One prophetess told me his diagnosis

beforehand, and

all would be well and he would be well.

One prophetess said it is miraculous

how he has come back.

One prophetess sent me Light and promised

I would see God work this day.

Christmas '18








yes that night

I slept with you on the rooftop — under blazing surrealism.

The occasional truck tapped as it passed on the nearby road.

Sweet-natured cows munched their feed below us.

I struggled to keep my eyes open as long as I could.

As dawn drifted upward, my heart became shadowy.

This will be my remembered starry

Paradise forever.