Love Lesson Learned

key stone
Picture from Realistic Poetry

Comes a day you realize

the person you fell in love with

has either vanished

or never even existed.

So you retrieve the key to your heart and

retreat from the rock to which you clung.

Then you lock them away

behind the door called


balcony view
Online Photo


autumn 2018
Photo ~ my own, Jean Larson

First thing in the morning

Make your feet hit the floor.

The most rigorous discipline in life


During the day, try not to

Beat anybody up —

In the flesh and especially

In your mind.

Judge not….

End of day —

Name your daemons.

Tell them to shut up

And hit the road.

Then, if you are a woman,

Try not to beat yourself up.




~ Jean Larson


over Crystal Lake PG
Sunset Over Crystal Lake ~ Patti Gmeiner

I will not forget the first time we had a corporeal encounter

A hovering gossamer legion

On the gray shore I stood watching essences float from silver heaven,

Chorusing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

In thousands of intonations.

Once I was startled,

When someone whooshed through my closed bedroom window,

A chest-high eagle, in the half light,

Gazing at me with keen golden eyes.

Wonder One sometimes acquires the form of a warm, brown horse.

Once, my first husband shot this creature.

Of course he could not kill — only wound.

Such power heals and lives.

I embrace the sturdy neck often.

Phenomenon flies behind my back and wraps me in an owl feather cape,

Chanting singsong whispers into my ear

When I am tied high in swaying pines.

At this touch, my hang-ups snap.

I have seen Divine as a curly-haired faun,

With fragrant, silken taupe skin.

Rarely could I look into such a face then.

Medicine woman Robelle saw my Protector when I lived in the haunted vicarage —

A giant young man in a brown suit standing guard.

In that house I needed shelter.

Great Crone came and sat with me on the stone bench before my altar

As my maternal grandmother Hannah.

She cackled when I asked her if she loved me.

Another time, as I mused on the same bench, before the same altar

On a warm shore of Lake Superior, Wonder One emerged from the water

On fine gild-scaled legs, filmy wet gauze trailing,

Long strands of jewels and sea weed wound in tangled hair,

Silently sat with me.

Here again were the eyes of the eagle.

It is easy to pray to Wonder One

Who cannot be escaped,

Who cannot be forced,

Who loves on me. . . .








swinging girl
Art from Realistic Poetry

We balance, suspended between the past and the future.

There is lost beauty some days, due to our disheveled blindness.

Poets and prophets cry,

“Do not allow dreamlike abandonment

to obscure the light on the horizon

and the perfumed beyond. . . . ”

Michael Parkes
Art by Michael Parkes

Advice for Younger Men and Older Women (who happen to fall in love — written tongue in cheek)

Dustin Hoffman Anne Bancroft Graduate
Dustin Hoffman, Ann Bancroft ~   The Graduate

Don’t do it.


Dear older woman: He will trod on your heart. He won’t realize or care that he is doing it. Especially if he is from a country that has respect for the elderly and also has sexual oppression, repression and desperation. He will want you with every fiber of his being because you are smarter, richer, more clever, bolder, experienced and beautiful with a luminescence that a young woman cannot hope to mimic.  BUT. The shadow side is — along with the fact that he respects the elderly, he worships his family, his traditions and is in bondage to his archaic superstitions. So you will be his dirty secret whore. He will inevitably be forced into an arranged marriage for breeding and procreation purposes only. She will be a compliant, insipid, equally repressed, oppressed, superstitious, probably not all that good looking, angry little child.

If you should be able to be totally honest with yourself and accept this faux love situation for occasional interminable, hard sex — well — OK.

I promise he will ruin you. Do not hope to recover from his enchantment.

Dear younger man: If she is from a country where women are educated and somewhat liberated, you will learn a lot from her. She will take your breath away and amaze you. If you are especially manipulative and loving toward her, she will be generous with you — body, soul and — er –money. A certain kind of free thinking, unafraid woman will be your cougar sugar mama.

Beware. Don’t be fooled into thinking she doesn’t know exactly what is going on. You will be in over your head. Don’t mistake her generosity and kindness for stupidity. She has powers and mystical protection. If you make the mistake of thinking lightly of her or dismissing her feelings, tragedy might be loosed onto you and your family (through no scheming of hers. It just seems to happen).

Although her skin will not be flawless, she will have a beauty that leaves young women dull and self-absorbed to you. After making love to a passionate older woman, you will realize there is no satisfaction with a younger woman.

The crone will haunt you forever. You will see her face in the glances of friends, family and strangers.  She will possess you, even after she leaves you for another. And believe me, if anyone is left, it will be you. You might have gotten a little money and experience from her, but more than that, you will have been absorbed by her spirit. You will inherit her permanent ghost.

I promise she will ruin you. Do not hope to recover from her enchantment.




Infatuation vs. Love


Diamond Warrior ~ Michael Parkes

This old mistress/lover’s opinion:

Infatuation includes heart pounding titillation,

While love is action and compassion.

Without love, infatuation dulls.

Love grows lackluster

Without the chemistry of infatuation.

We are talking about pure mystery here.


norse goddess
Thank you to the unknown creator of this online art.

Marriage is prison. Pure perversion.

There have been billions of forced, loveless marriages over the course of history. Many marriages are a  result of a “family” wanting their children to breed like cattle so they will have someone to take care of them in their old age, or forcing children to marry because of unwanted pregnancies.

Some countries now mercifully allow divorce, but many nations do not — even when one partner is abused. Marriage is an unjust institution, designed to entrap and enslave.

Yes, I believe in love and raising children in a safe environment. The family, however, does not have to be a man, a woman and their children. Families are of many configurations more creative, compassionate and free flowing than the societal cliché.

Marriage has brought so much unhappiness and bondage to the world. If I am with someone, it must be my choice, my free decision — not because of some tradition-dictated, civil or religious arrangement.

I despise marriage. Just because everyone is doing it, does not make it right. It is a perversion of faux love and faux friendship — a means to extract money from people and to provide insurance and bragging rights to selfish parents. (Believe me, I am not one of those.)

I despise marriage. I despise watching someone’s life fall into ruin because of being forced to marry a non compatible stranger. Being with someone is about voluntary love and promise. Can you honestly name more than a few married couples who have even a shred of happiness because of their marriage? Happiness and joy is in spite of marriage.

If I am with someone, even when it is difficult, it is only because I choose to be.

This is something I simply had to write out of conviction and experience. Yes, it is counter-cultural. I am a 70 year old retired clergy-woman. I have seen a lot and lived a lot. My true family is of kindred heartfelt love, not common nationality or DNA.