Regarding Arranged Marriage Anywhere

In gorgeous dress

Covered in jewels

Celebrated with feasting and parties

Prayed over

Danced around….

It is human trafficking.




woman and taz
online art

I am in the grasp of the Divine Taz,

This has been transpiring relentlessly for many months.

Sometimes the whirlwind is more than I think I can bear.

So I hold on for all I am worth —

which seems to be quite a lot —

and gasp at the swirling, breath-giving scape

from above, below, within.

I have sometimes felt unsafe, but not one scratch.

Many helpers whirl with me.

What better passion than to reel

tumult, reel

in the company and design of Holy Taz.







Life-challenging July 2017

winter destination
online photo


“Wherever you find yourself,

right there is a door to your innermost Being.

But usually there is a crowd around this door.

They have set up a fish market at the gate of Heaven.

‘We have nice fish for you, the best you’ll taste. . . ‘

and instead of going through,

you’re smelling the fish,

and you are smelling of fish!


When the moment of truth comes,

the mind is making excuses.

One day you will have to give up your stories and admit,

‘I have no accomplice, all this play is Me alone.’