Not Alone

Falling ~ by Michael Parkes

According to the prophet Daniel, the Hebrew teenagers, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were thrown into a furnace for refusing to worship the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.

They were Divinely protected from the fire by a 4th being walking around in the flames, and finally taken out of the furnace. Daniel reports they did not even retain the smell of smoke after they were rescued.

Daniel also records Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had actually been saved by “someone like the Son of God”.

Quite the story.

I have dealt with my own fiery trial over the last some months. That furnace is history.

Yes, I have survived. But I can’t seem to heal these singes or shake this smell of smoke.

Not quickly. Not alone.

This “someone like the Son of God” is slow and subtle.

Quite the story.

Sparklers . . .


spark visions of sparklers in childhood Julys.

When time to light them came in the twilight

after an eternally sunny day,

I felt like a fairy holding a potent wizard wand.

There were never enough sparklers

for my brother and me

on those firefly lit nights.

Like not enough eggnog,

never enough chocolate covered cherries

at Christmastime.

When I became a responsible adult,

I drank a quart of eggnog and

ate a pound of chocolate cherries

in one sitting.

That night I didn’t sleep

because of the cannonball in my stomach.

I was cured.

I love being satiated.

Like with you.

I cannot get enough of you,

my silken magic carpet navigator.

Never enough.

There is not a cure exists.


Rose Alone with Helper ~ online art


Scenario of two main characters:

Rose and Butterfly have loved one another for four years.

There has been a generous beauty and sharing of art, poetry, movies, theater, history, and good company.

Rose adores Butterfly and has always believed the feeling is mutual.

Enter 2 other characters:

Old “friends” of Butterfly (with what kind of history?), Corpulent But Hungry Scorpion and Stupid But Self-Aggrandizing Viper. No problem, except . . . . Both of these friends are rude, disrespectful and cruel to Rose. Why? Who knows? Nobody will say. She has had minimal interaction with them. Stupid But Self-Aggrandizing Viper is especially aggressive and dangerous.

This behavior hurts and frightens Rose. She informs Butterfly repeatedly. He claims to be acting on behalf of her emotional and physical safety. The friends’ actions continue. On the last occasion of their unkind and destructive behavior, Rose expresses great distress. Much to Rose’s surprise and dismay, Butterfly sides with Corpulent But Hungry Scorpion and Stupid But Self-Aggrandizing Viper.

In response, Rose decides to end their supposed loving trustworthy relationship. Observation: Adults can behave like playground bullies and junior high school liars.

Rose needs your insight. Question, dear friends: Is Rose experiencing



Loss of Trust?