Loss I and Loss II

Loss 2
Photo ~ my own


In July 2017 I had a glimpse of what it is

to love the Divine above all else.

Seems to be the by-product of letting go voluntarily —

then having even more ripped from you.

There comes a point when you have nothing remaining

except a shred of Hope.

That is enough.


love B 2
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I know a man who lost his lifetime of work and wages

to the greed of one person and a system without a whisper of humanity.

Because of this,

within three years he lost his health.

Because of this,

he lost his balance, body strength, energy, vitality

and clear cognitive skills.

(His wife tells him, he has not lost his looks.)

Because of this,

he gradually became unusable to ones who looked upon him

as an object to be used.

Because of this,

near and extended family and friends

fell away one by one.

He is rarely paid much attention.

What he does not lose

is his serene detachment from his chattering ego —

his Zen-like one liner philosophy and

faith in the Joy of living.

Because of this,

he does not lose me —

his first love and second wife.

in conclusion
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woman and taz
online art

I am in the grasp of the Divine Taz,

This has been transpiring relentlessly for many months.

Sometimes the whirlwind is more than I think I can bear.

So I hold on for all I am worth —

which seems to be quite a lot —

and gasp at the swirling, breath-giving scape

from above, below, within.

I have sometimes felt unsafe, but not one scratch.

Many helpers whirl with me.

What better passion than to reel

tumult, reel

in the company and design of Holy Taz.







The Seer

online art

This day/this night,


I was anticipating

Being part of your party.

You were elusive.

I was the bitch begging

For the last bite

In the sidelines

At your secret table.

It was an aha


And my problem.


Go for him.

Jump into love

For that perfect, forbidden, unattainable, wizard of an inappropriate man.

Be warned.

He haunts.

He shapeshifts between your daytime and nighttime life,

Ecstasy just within/beyond reach.

You will glimpse him out of the corner of your vision.

When you do catch full sight of him for one intake of breath,

You will see that shadowy young woman in the wings — gazing his way.

He makes love to you, but does not look into your eyes.

When he is in the throes of passion, the lover he someday hopes to have,

is dancing in the sheets with you — vivid and supple.

Are you woman enough to bear seeing his face in every face?

Can you conclude your days knowing he is ashamed of his love for you?

Knowing  you will long for him beyond always?

Realizing he gives new definition to love and spoils paltry affection forever?


Go for him.

Then observe the effect of how you affect him.





Momentarily Bewitched

Photo my own — April 2017

May 24, 2017

This is what is happening.

My heart is taking over my mind.*

May 25

But once in awhile I am jolted asleep

By my untrue self.

Tonight I am feeling lost —

Old, jealous, hopeless . . . .

May 26 

Daily, the kaleidoscope shifts.

My lightness in your love,

My sickness in your absence,

Take on nuances.

I have no trouble living in the moment.

Present — absent —

We are together

This moment.

*Inspired by Mooji.


In a kinder universe, it would be time for you.

In a kinder universe, we would be preparing to marry.

Remember we once were amused at the thought of having coffee together?

Now when I taste the blonde and sweet coffee of my own making,

I jolt at the thought of all the perfectly balanced ones we have shared.

My coffees never compare to the ones you make.

Not even close.

Pale coffee.


Those are my days without you.

But we have had the time together.

Now I know the difference.

Thank the Universe.

Perfect coffee
Photo ~ by Raj Swami

The Joys of Loving a very Young Man

Are bountiful.

*It is immediate proof that we are each outrageous.

*If he is sweet natured and lusty, his company is stellar. Add great intelligence and it equals bliss.

*He is a never-ending joy to look at.

*It gives me practice at living only in the moment.

*It strengthens my resolve to never indulge in poor self-esteem.

*He gives me ample reason to keep working out. And dressing up.

*I learn to be bold. When other women flirt, I simply say, “You can wink and sigh, but he is coming home with me, honey.”

*Loving a very young man is courting the god of love, descended to earth, wearing his amber smooth cape.


(Online photos.)







Advice about Men to Young Women from an Old Woman

Photo ~ Thank you, WefollowPics

Older men warn young men about women.

Young women, I am your aunty. Hear me.

*A man can want you and not want you at the same time.

*A man can love you and be ashamed of you at the same time.

*The more a man needs you, the more indifferent to your reality and humanity he becomes.

*A man might chase and chase and chase you. When he finally catches you, he has no idea what to do with you.


Remember my words while you are young.