I once believed that everyone had to like me,

but now this belief is no more.

I once believed I had to be the best person

I could be in order to be free, but no more.

I once believed that I had to first do everything

I needed to do in the world,

and only when I had done that and I was satisfied

could I turn my attention to Self-discovery.

I once believed that.

I once believed that it was up to someone else

to make me happy.

That seems a long time ago.

I once believed that I was not worthy,

but I see now that was nonsense.

I once believed I was not ready,

but I see now it’s not true.

I once believed that I had to practise more,

meditate longer, be more sincere,

but I saw it’s not like that.

Life is not so strenuous or cruel.

I believed so many things that were not true.

Then I realized nothing obstructs the freedom I am.


~ Mooji


the road less traveled
online photo — thank you photographer

Life-challenging July 2017

winter destination
online photo


“Wherever you find yourself,

right there is a door to your innermost Being.

But usually there is a crowd around this door.

They have set up a fish market at the gate of Heaven.

‘We have nice fish for you, the best you’ll taste. . . ‘

and instead of going through,

you’re smelling the fish,

and you are smelling of fish!


When the moment of truth comes,

the mind is making excuses.

One day you will have to give up your stories and admit,

‘I have no accomplice, all this play is Me alone.’