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This is a true story.

Once upon a time

Womanly J. loved handsome R. It was sweet for years.

A distant acquaintance, A., decided she hated J.

J. made her feel inferior,

So A. set about to steal R. from J.

She succeeded through misleading actions and lies about J.

During the same time period, enter N., J.’s cousin – like a sister.

N. had competed with J. for their lifetime. Go figure.

N. always won her personal little competitions –

more beauty, more money, more adventure than J. Oh well.

N. got the attention of R. because she was vivacious and rich.

N. got the affection of R. because of HIS false expectations.

I am quite certain that R. thought N. would be willing to

give him the money and opportunities that A. had also promised him.

He was wrong about both women. Oh well.


A. and N. had already enticed clueless R. away from his truly rich future.

J. became the abandoned loser and endured many months of agony.

As J. gained strength, she saw the evil lurking beneath the                                                      capture of clueless R.

After time, she was able to truly give him back to his unfortunate fate                                     from which she had once been willing to rescue him. Oh well.

Now J. is stronger than ever and she continues to be loved by strong, kind, smart people.

J. has been favored with the love of an enchanting Wizard

who treasures who and what she is. She loves him in return.

The Universe looks on sincerity, generosity, and authenticity with favor.

Question: why did the two insincere women entice R. away from J. when they never even wanted him?

OR …..

Did R. submit to the bland enticements of A. and N. because he had lied to  J. for all those years? He never loved J. and did not have the manly balls to simply tell her the truth?


But not really.


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