OF YOU (a feeble effort at a love sonnet)

Art ~ Michael Parkes

My eye delights in you with disbelieving relish.

You are my perfumed paradise destination.

My love for you spans to the rock-pounding horizon.

The world with you is my eye-candy dish.

My love is for joy. I am not selfish.

My purpose is delight – not breeding-stock procreation.

The glory of far flung love is for our celebration.

Choose me to be your purple fragrant fetish.





Online Art

Of all the people I ever met, I thought I knew you the most intimately.

Of all the people I ever knew, I loved you the most fiercely.

Of all the people I ever loved, I was the most wide open to you.

Of all the people in all my life, you knew

most thoroughly my inner and outer terrain.

And yet, until that evil day,

you began to believe her lies about me,

there did not exist a love pure as mine for you.

And yet, you withdrew.

Body, soul, heart untrue.