Today’s Catch

today's catch fish
Online Art

Great One says Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.
New revelation translates I will make you fishers of people.
Southwest Native American trawls the magical golden fish.
Such beauty emerges in European fairy tales.
Something to that enchanted fish.

On an evening I fish taffeta-ribbon-silver-golden river.
Placid Moon enlightens with her pale pink lantern.
Stars remotely whisper word defiance.
For a breathless moment Loved-God-You’re-Good.
Still no golden fish tonight.

I fish and fish time passed and past:
Self gone, buried talents, waning gifts, children far,
Artless, wordless, youthless,
Faint memory quest, late great hope.

Psalmist declares restored heritage when it languishes.
God knows I languish.
Help. Silence. Then. Whispers from behind the veil.
Faith hope and love abide; the greatest of these is love.

Well. Love-Only-Love, in the end.
Like an hallucination glinting by
Golden watery shot brilliance
Lost and found in the same flash.



Love Lesson Learned

key stone
Picture from Realistic Poetry

Comes a day you realize

the person you fell in love with

has either vanished

or never even existed.

So you retrieve the key to your heart and

retreat from the rock to which you clung.

Then you lock them away

behind the door called


balcony view
Online Photo


autumn 2018
Photo ~ my own, Jean Larson

First thing in the morning

Make your feet hit the floor.

The most rigorous discipline in life


During the day, try not to

Beat anybody up —

In the flesh and especially

In your mind.

Judge not….

End of day —

Name your daemons.

Tell them to shut up

And hit the road.

Then, if you are a woman,

Try not to beat yourself up.




~ Jean Larson