over Crystal Lake PG
Sunset Over Crystal Lake ~ Patti Gmeiner

I will not forget the first time we had a corporeal encounter

A hovering gossamer legion

On the gray shore I stood watching essences float from silver heaven,

Chorusing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

In thousands of intonations.

Once I was startled,

When someone whooshed through my closed bedroom window,

A chest-high eagle, in the half light,

Gazing at me with keen golden eyes.

Wonder One sometimes acquires the form of a warm, brown horse.

Once, my first husband shot this creature.

Of course he could not kill — only wound.

Such power heals and lives.

I embrace the sturdy neck often.

Phenomenon flies behind my back and wraps me in an owl feather cape,

Chanting singsong whispers into my ear

When I am tied high in swaying pines.

At this touch, my hang-ups snap.

I have seen Divine as a curly-haired faun,

With fragrant, silken taupe skin.

Rarely could I look into such a face then.

Medicine woman Robelle saw my Protector when I lived in the haunted vicarage —

A giant young man in a brown suit standing guard.

In that house I needed shelter.

Great Crone came and sat with me on the stone bench before my altar

As my maternal grandmother Hannah.

She cackled when I asked her if she loved me.

Another time, as I mused on the same bench, before the same altar

On a warm shore of Lake Superior, Wonder One emerged from the water

On fine gild-scaled legs, filmy wet gauze trailing,

Long strands of jewels and sea weed wound in tangled hair,

Silently sat with me.

Here again were the eyes of the eagle.

It is easy to pray to Wonder One

Who cannot be escaped,

Who cannot be forced,

Who loves on me. . . .







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