Dustin Hoffman Anne Bancroft Graduate
Dustin Hoffman, Ann Bancroft ~   The Graduate

Don’t do it.


Dear older woman: He will trod on your heart. He won’t realize or care that he is doing it. Especially if he is from a country that has respect for the elderly and also has sexual oppression, repression and desperation. He will want you with every fiber of his being because you are smarter, richer, more clever, bolder, experienced and beautiful with a luminescence that a young woman cannot hope to mimic.  BUT. The shadow side is — along with the fact that he respects the elderly, he worships his family, his traditions and is in bondage to his archaic superstitions. So you will be his dirty secret whore. He will inevitably be forced into an arranged marriage for breeding and procreation purposes only. She will be a compliant, insipid, equally repressed, oppressed, superstitious, probably not all that good looking, angry little child.

If you should be able to be totally honest with yourself and accept this faux love situation for occasional interminable, hard sex — well — OK.

I promise he will ruin you. Do not hope to recover from his enchantment.

Dear younger man: If she is from a country where women are educated and somewhat liberated, you will learn a lot from her. She will take your breath away and amaze you. If you are especially manipulative and loving toward her, she will be generous with you — body, soul and — er –money. A certain kind of free thinking, unafraid woman will be your cougar sugar mama.

Beware. Don’t be fooled into thinking she doesn’t know exactly what is going on. You will be in over your head. Don’t mistake her generosity and kindness for stupidity. She has powers and mystical protection. If you make the mistake of thinking lightly of her or dismissing her feelings, tragedy might be loosed onto you and your family (through no scheming of hers. It just seems to happen).

Although her skin will not be flawless, she will have a beauty that leaves young women dull and self-absorbed to you. After making love to a passionate older woman, you will realize there is no satisfaction with a younger woman.

The crone will haunt you forever. You will see her face in the glances of friends, family and strangers.  She will possess you, even after she leaves you for another. And believe me, if anyone is left, it will be you. You might have gotten a little money and experience from her, but more than that, you will have been absorbed by her spirit. You will inherit her permanent ghost.

I promise she will ruin you. Do not hope to recover from her enchantment.




2 thoughts on “Advice for Younger Men and Older Women (who happen to fall in love — written tongue in cheek)

  1. I love elder women. Not because of money, sex and living standards. They have dreams, power, ambitions, goal and vision. I prefer elder women for my life in any point of time.

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