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message in a bottle
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Messages come floating to our shores,

Come flying by with earnest cry.

And fish are silver magic.

Holiness is paying attention.

Infatuation vs. Love


Diamond Warrior ~ Michael Parkes

This old mistress/lover’s opinion:

Infatuation includes heart pounding titillation,

While love is action and compassion.

Without love, infatuation dulls.

Love grows lackluster

Without the chemistry of infatuation.

We are talking about pure mystery here.


norse goddess
Thank you to the unknown creator of this online art.

Marriage is prison. Pure perversion.

There have been billions of forced, loveless marriages over the course of history. Many marriages are a  result of a “family” wanting their children to breed like cattle so they will have someone to take care of them in their old age, or forcing children to marry because of unwanted pregnancies.

Some countries now mercifully allow divorce, but many nations do not — even when one partner is abused. Marriage is an unjust institution, designed to entrap and enslave.

Yes, I believe in love and raising children in a safe environment. The family, however, does not have to be a man, a woman and their children. Families are of many configurations more creative, compassionate and free flowing than the societal cliché.

Marriage has brought so much unhappiness and bondage to the world. If I am with someone, it must be my choice, my free decision — not because of some tradition-dictated, civil or religious arrangement.

I despise marriage. Just because everyone is doing it, does not make it right. It is a perversion of faux love and faux friendship — a means to extract money from people and to provide insurance and bragging rights to selfish parents. (Believe me, I am not one of those.)

I despise marriage. I despise watching someone’s life fall into ruin because of being forced to marry a non compatible stranger. Being with someone is about voluntary love and promise. Can you honestly name more than a few married couples who have even a shred of happiness because of their marriage? Happiness and joy is in spite of marriage.

If I am with someone, even when it is difficult, it is only because I choose to be.

This is something I simply had to write out of conviction and experience. Yes, it is counter-cultural. I am a 70 year old retired clergy-woman. I have seen a lot and lived a lot. My true family is of kindred heartfelt love, not common nationality or DNA.