mparkes unraveling him
Art ~ Michael Parkes

Why are we so obsessed by love?

Many poems concern qualities of love:

NEW LOVE, an epiphany of seeing life

in a way filled with novelty and bliss

for 2 weeks.

FOREVER LOVE, cemented and guaranteed to

last forever and make you happy

for 2 weeks.

LOST LOVE, filled with the hopelessness,

the angst of never finding another love so grand.

Well, maybe I will try loving again

in 2 weeks.

There is infinity to analyze concerning love.

But I suppose I must close this prose.

Good luck.

All is a Reminder of You, My Love

Photo from Realistic Poetry

My eye delights in your panorama with relish.

You are my perfumed paradise destination.

My love for you spans to our rock-pounding horizon.

The world beside you is my eye candy dish.

My love is given for your joy. I am not selfish.

My love is poured for your delight – not for dull procreation.

The glory of our far reaching passion is for celebration.

Of all the wide open women, choose me to be your purple fragrant fetish.