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Photo ~ Raj Swami, April 2017

I can’t help it.


I look in a mirror;

I see you:

My hands, hennaed by you with our initials and wit.

My eyes remember you kissing the lids with true

desire. My body’s stately asymmetry

You call unique perfection.

I look in a mirror at you

cradling your beloved


Today when I look into the mirror

I see ghosts.

Heal Thyself . . . ?

Art ~ Michael Parkes



Maybe writing poetry can mend my heart –

But most likely not reading it.

Although I LOVE reading your poems.

The cliché says time heals.

Not sure I have that much time.

“Incarnational” healing means “in the flesh” healing.

That would be your poetic hands all over my body.



In response to a prompt from @Realistic Poetry.

Gothic Prompt

from Realistic Poetry


Such fascination with the solitary path of shadows ahead.

Light, light years behind.



How did my Karma spawn such bereft imagination?

Perhaps opening my paper umbrella will bring consolation.



Written for @Realistic Poetry in response to this picture prompt.

Love . . . .

give up a relationship mp
Art ~ Michael Parkes

I can appreciate Saint Paul’s definition:


Love is courteous;

Does not insist on its own way;

Love hopes all things;

Endures all things….

But his writing has no accounting

For the longing that makes me

Want to climb on your lap

And weep in ecstasy against your neck.

Love of Distinction

She stated to me as if I were her therapist:

“No one has ever had a love like this. It defies geographic, marital, age and world view variances.

“He has told no one of it. I have told a few confidants. But people seem to sense strong love — even when it is unspoken. By family and many friends in both hemispheres (not all), we are met with persecution and some jealousy. Its sincerity is mocked.

“When we meet and blend bodies, souls and spirits, there is no play-acting. Time is too fleeting.

“Do we fight, fear, despair and also love beyond all doubt? Is it genuine? Will it endure?

“Ask me in 10 years.

“Ask me in the next life.”

love of distinction 2
Thank you to the anonymous photographer.

Re. Graft against Rajesh Kumar Swami


Reverend Jean Larson, BME, MDiv.

420 Grant St., #7

Kingsford, Michigan 49802 USA


April 27, 2018


US Departments of State Consular Electronic Application Center

NWD US Embassy New Delhi

Shantipath, Chanakyapuri

110021 India


Regarding: Formal Complaint re. denial of USA visa to an Indian citizen


Dear People,

Consider this my formal complaint and report of graft in the New Delhi USA Embassy.

On November 21, 2017, Mr. Rajesh Kumar was denied a USA visa (Visa application DS-160) for no valid reason. This offence needs to be corrected immediately. I have personally seen the document your department gave Mr. Rajesh Kumar explaining why he was denied a USA visa. It implied that he had no reason to return to India once he came to visit the USA. How foolish!

Apparently the person making this wrong decision could not ascertain that this blameless young man worships his mother, worships his family, worship his village Parlika and adores his country India. He is also engaged to be married – a lifelong dream. He would never abandon his India and traditions permanently!

Also, your denial of Mr. Rajesh Kumar shames the hospitality and the true spirit of my USA. Your embassy is a failure in representing the USA. I discussed this case with Honorable Judge T. Slagle of Dickinson County, Michigan, USA. His response was the USA Embassy in Delhi committed graft – exploiting the poor of India. This is the powerful using their position to rob the poor. Shame!

Correct your lawless act immediately! Grant Rajesh Kumar his USA visa immediately or return his application fee.

His information is following:

Rajesh Kuma

Birth 7-1-90

Parilika, India

Passport #N1465742

Personal B1/B2

USA Visa application completed 11-20-17; Denied 11-21-17

Confirmation #AA007FEYE0



Reverend Jean Larson, BME MDiv.


Copies sent to: President Trump; Prime Minister Narendra Modi; Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette

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