Photo from Realistic Poetry


Sometimes you can stand

Suspended between your past and future.

No longer submerged in life — on shore.

Is it a dawn or sunset?

Maybe both.

Is there time for love and hope yet?


Photo ~ my own


I delete 100 of your texts every day.

The years you and I conversed with joy.

     Texts gone.

There was a time you were eager to contact me

Before the world.

You were proud of me. (I am proud of you.)

     Texts gone.

You sang love songs to me.

We wrote poetry together.

     Texts gone.

You knew me more and better than anyone

Ever in my long life.

I know you better than even your mother knows you.

     Texts gone.

You were the one who had my confidence and trust.

Your family, home and friends were mine.

     Texts gone.

Over the months you backed away —

Fading more and more.

I became angry and sad.

You became angry and sad.

Then the fighting began —

Vicious cycle — so mad.

     Texts gone.

There never was or ever will be

Another love like you.

And yet you withdrew.















Rose Alone with Helper ~ online art


Scenario of two main characters:

Rose and Butterfly have loved one another for four years.

There has been a generous beauty and sharing of art, poetry, movies, theater, history, and good company.

Rose adores Butterfly and has always believed the feeling is mutual.

Enter 2 other characters:

Old “friends” of Butterfly (with what kind of history?), Corpulent But Hungry Scorpion and Stupid But Self-Aggrandizing Viper. No problem, except . . . . Both of these friends are rude, disrespectful and cruel to Rose. Why? Who knows? Nobody will say. She has had minimal interaction with them. Stupid But Self-Aggrandizing Viper is especially aggressive and dangerous.

This behavior hurts and frightens Rose. She informs Butterfly repeatedly. He claims to be acting on behalf of her emotional and physical safety. The friends’ actions continue. On the last occasion of their unkind and destructive behavior, Rose expresses great distress. Much to Rose’s surprise and dismay, Butterfly sides with Corpulent But Hungry Scorpion and Stupid But Self-Aggrandizing Viper.

In response, Rose decides to end their supposed loving trustworthy relationship. Observation: Adults can behave like playground bullies and junior high school liars.

Rose needs your insight. Question, dear friends: Is Rose experiencing



Loss of Trust?


harps-on-the-willowsBy the rivers of Babylon – there we sat down and there we wept . . . .

On the willows there we hung up our harps . . . .

~ Psalms 137: 1a, 2


Some of us, through a series of poor decisions or bad circumstances – end up in a place we have no belonging. We have treasured beliefs or identities we can never express without the need to defend ourselves. We have to walk away or be silent during preposterous conversations. The energy to express our viewpoint iS drained from us.

We choose to “hang up our harps” rather than create, sing or contribute — living a life in exile.

The above Biblical quote was written on behalf of a people, who during a war, had been taken away from their homeland. They were allowed live and work in a place they did not desire to be, but were not allowed to leave. Is it possible to dream of joy in such a place?

Now comes the point in this essay to give you a list of solutions if you are experiencing intellectual and demographic isolation.

Dear reader, there is no list of answers. I don’t know.

I have learned I must be my best resource for inspiration and happiness in my life.

One Winston Churchill quote comes to mind: “If you are in hell, keep going.” And another quote from him: “Never, never, never give up.”

Know this. You are not alone.

Take that harp down out of the tree.