A poem revisited: To My Muse

Here you are.

Be close and distant.

My art will change and remain.

Do as you will.

Sail far beyond the Isle of Reason and Emotion.

Shape shift as you will,

To the point of delusion and elusion.

Sleep with one thousand newly fertile or virile virgins

All at the same time.

Make tryst history

With innumerable carnal reciprocities.

Meditate for years

In the cloistered Genie bottle.

Do as you will.

Don’t leave.

cr_MichaelParkes-023-TheRiver (menage e toi)
All art by Michael Parkes



To Unusual Love


We’d met before — it was plain to see.

Dancing in silk — entwined branches at night.

Souls familiar as the sun goes down.

Your time had come while mine ran out.

Your coffee in sweet morning delight.

I thank kind Stars you came back to me.