Welcome the lion . . .

roaring lion
online art — Thank you anonymous artist.

Like a roaring lion your adversary the devil prowls around, looking for someone to devour.” ~ I Peter 5:8b

Welcome the lion on your path.” ~ Mooji

When one comes face to face with a lion, you melt away.

At that moment you have no past,

no plans,

no expectations,

no titles,

no future.

You are instantly stripped

of the superfluous —

Stripped to nothing

but your essential, authentic


We all have those moments in life

when we face a lion on our path.

Welcome those moments —

To encounter

one glimmering momentary insight

into One’s Eternal Self.

The Eternally Lucid Adulteress

angry Indian goddess
Kali ~ internet art


Do not tell me your family is my family.

Your family is not my family.

They are her family.

I have no family.




Do not tell me your family loves me.

They fear me.

When they saw the care between us,

they could not marry you off fast enough.

“Aha. We will be rid of that powerful, influential, golden devil.

We will not lose our control over this useful, servant son.”

She has the love of your family.

I have no love from your family.



Do not tell me your house is my house.

It is her house.

You are building that room with the arched window for her.

That room is not for me.

I will never see it.

I will never sleep in it.

I have no room.

I have no house.



When you look at your first newborn daughter,

you will know her name is Rajjean.

Without Rajjean, you would not have been eligible to marry.

Without Rajjean, you would have had no life.

But she now owns Rajjean.

I have no Rajjean.



Be rid of Rajjean?

I am etched in your soul.

I am the shame and salvation

of you and your family.



I do not have their naivety.

I do not have their fear.



I once believed that everyone had to like me,

but now this belief is no more.

I once believed I had to be the best person

I could be in order to be free, but no more.

I once believed that I had to first do everything

I needed to do in the world,

and only when I had done that and I was satisfied

could I turn my attention to Self-discovery.

I once believed that.

I once believed that it was up to someone else

to make me happy.

That seems a long time ago.

I once believed that I was not worthy,

but I see now that was nonsense.

I once believed I was not ready,

but I see now it’s not true.

I once believed that I had to practise more,

meditate longer, be more sincere,

but I saw it’s not like that.

Life is not so strenuous or cruel.

I believed so many things that were not true.

Then I realized nothing obstructs the freedom I am.


~ Mooji


the road less traveled
online photo — thank you photographer