Let go

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Let go

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Photo ~ Patti G’meiner


When everything that can be let go of is let go of,

What remains is what we desire above all else. ~ Rupert Spira


Go for him.

Jump into love

For that perfect, forbidden, unattainable, wizard of an inappropriate man.

Be warned.

He haunts.

He shapeshifts between your daytime and nighttime life,

Ecstasy just within/beyond reach.

You will glimpse him out of the corner of your vision.

When you do catch full sight of him for one intake of breath,

You will see that shadowy young woman in the wings — gazing his way.

He makes love to you, but does not look into your eyes.

When he is in the throes of passion, the lover he someday hopes to have,

is dancing in the sheets with you — vivid and supple.

Are you woman enough to bear seeing his face in every face?

Can you conclude your days knowing he is ashamed of his love for you?

Knowing  you will long for him beyond always?

Realizing he gives new definition to love and spoils paltry affection forever?


Go for him.

Then observe the effect of how you affect him.