Momentarily Bewitched

Photo my own — April 2017

May 24, 2017

This is what is happening.

My heart is taking over my mind.*

May 25

But once in awhile I am jolted asleep

By my untrue self.

Tonight I am feeling lost —

Old, jealous, hopeless . . . .

May 26 

Daily, the kaleidoscope shifts.

My lightness in your love,

My sickness in your absence,

Take on nuances.

I have no trouble living in the moment.

Present — absent —

We are together

This moment.

*Inspired by Mooji.


In a kinder universe, it would be time for you.

In a kinder universe, we would be preparing to marry.

Remember we once were amused at the thought of having coffee together?

Now when I taste the blonde and sweet coffee of my own making,

I jolt at the thought of all the perfectly balanced ones we have shared.

My coffees never compare to the ones you make.

Not even close.

Pale coffee.


Those are my days without you.

But we have had the time together.

Now I know the difference.

Thank the Universe.

Perfect coffee
Photo ~ by Raj Swami