Advice about Men to Young Women from an Old Woman — Revisited

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Older men warn young men about women.

Young women, hear me.

*A man can want you and not want you at the same time.

*A man can love you and be ashamed of you at the same time.

*The more a man needs you, the more indifferent to your reality and humanity he becomes. The root of this is his need to control. The root of this is old fashioned fear.

*A man might chase and chase and chase you. When he finally catches you, he has no idea what to do with you.


Remember my words while you are young.

I am your mirror.

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My Irreversible rule of love:

I am your mirror

You wink and flirt

I wink and flirt

You ignore me

I ignore you

You love another

I love another

You adore only me

I adore only you

It is not fair

But it is my ingrained

Law of love

I try, but I cannot change it

I am your mirror

What does Jesus say about gays and lesbians?

Bonnat — detail from “Jacob Wrestling with the Angel”

This article is written for truth-seekers, for Bible thumpers and for folks who use the Bible to thump other people’s spirits. This does not try to be a comprehensive article. I want you to know, however, I have no respect for pseudo Bible scholars who know nothing about the critical thought process. I dismiss as frauds those who use the Bible to support their arrogance. I especially loath lazy Bible hermeneutic.* I see a lot of that and it sickens me. If you don’t “get” this paragraph, then you just don’t get it.


*Means scholarly Bible interpretation.


So, back to the title. What does Jesus have to say about gays and lesbians?

I consider this question after researching why the Old Testament laws condemned it. (By the way, the word homosexuality is never used in the Bible. Nothing about homosexuality is in the 10 commandments.) A lot of it had to do distinguishing the nation of Israel from the lands around them — which they intended to occupy through warfare.

I also deliberate on what one would have to do to honor all the rules of the Old Testament. Four examples:

  • A person would have to kill your son if he is rebellious,
  • Never put two different kinds of flowers in the same pot,
  • Never wear a linen/cotton garment.
  • If you are a woman having your period, you have to live out in our vanishing wilderness alone, until your period is ended.

The above are four of the 366 rules in the Biblical Old Testament.

I reflect on where Jesus lived during his time on earth in Judea. It was a land under military occupation by Rome. It was a cradle of Hellenistic thought, including philosophies of the Jews, Romans and Greeks.

One Jewish view on what we call “homosexuality”: their thousands-of-years-old holiness code (part of the laws I mentioned above) rejected it.

A viewpoint from the Romans: It is documented that Nero forced his male slave to marry him. Said slave was castrated and dressed in women’s wedding attire before the nuptials. In straight or homosexual society, that would fall far short of any description of respectful, mutual love.

Ancient Greeks are recorded as being against homosexuality. The ancient Greeks are also recognized for considering love between an older man and a young boy to be the highest form of love. Was this because historically the males (in all three societies) designated women to be fit only for one role, the role of bearing male heirs?

This is a small part of the context for Jesus’ life and teaching.

One of the reasons I love Jesus is because he was so forthright and radical it eventually got him crucified. He was notorious for not following those Old Testament laws, which were so adored by the Jewish holy scholars. He went about healing people, loving the under-dog, and preaching about a kin’dom totally apart for the Roman Empire. He consistently advocated following the spirit of the Law, rather than the easily perverted letter of the Law. If Jesus had any favorites, it was the undesirables, the rejected, the disenfranchised of society.

Before I end this tiny treatise, I will express an opinion of my own. If you are using God, Jesus, or the Bible to justify your hatred and fear of anybody who is not your gender, not your color, not your religion, not your party or does not have your sexual preference, that proves to me that you have not spent five serious minutes reading the Bible, studying the life and teachings of Jesus or seeking any true Divinity.

Jesus had a lot on his mind and on his agenda. After doing years of study and care, I have a clue why Jesus said what he did about homosexuality.


He said nothing.




A Time to Speak

Dear WordPress Followers,

I have not had much to say for a while. Two factors contributed to this:

  • My journey to India. It is said a journey to India changes you. I did not realize how much. I fell in love with the colorfully chaotic, loving country. Now a part of me is there forever. Nothing looks the same. Nothing feels the same. I am not the same.
  • Then came the life-and-death USA election. I am not astute about politics. I am, however, astute at discernment and Bible scholarship. I have been processing what my role is, in enhancing the world’s hope and postponing our doom. So I will be addressing important issues that again need our attention, from an ancient Truth perspective.

Thank you, those of you who read my thoughts. May we always speak the truth in love.