Watch the world argue

Thank you, Runaway….Dream.

Runaway American Dream

Love among the haters

What is this strength, day after day

That keeps us from giving in and going mad

Under this cruel tyranny of distance?

While the rest descend into frothing insanity

Over a contest between two fools

How do we live sane inside this loneliness?

In a world where people long to be divided

How can two souls who crave connection

Gain any solace from the separatists all around us?

Love is our everything in a world burning with hate

How do we go on? From what deep well of hope

Does our belief in the future spring?

Hold on my love, I’m coming soon

We’ll close the gaping void between us

As the continental drift of fear and hate pulls the world apart.


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Love Dress

The scarf, skirt and blouse — fashioned with hands of love.



Dress designed and created by Rajesh Swami with help of friends and family

Post Paradise

Art ~ Thank you, Michael Parkes


Well, dear hearts. The faeries stole me away to paradise.

I was luxuriously set in the wild . . . .

Then urged to return to body and time.

But somewhere between,

I lost, not my voice, but my language.