The Sane Adulteress

Art ~ Michael Parkes

The purpose of this post is to mildly offend. It is from my doppelganger, after all.


If you are going to commit adultery, do it far from home. Spouses of friends are NO.

Ascertain. Is he worth the trouble? Are you worth the trouble?

I once had a professor who said, “People have affairs in order to grow, or for therapy.” It is nothing to do with loving someone or not loving someone.

It is not meant to become something more.

Affairs have a shelf life. Do not be shocked or hurt when it expires.

Use what you have learned.

If you are considering an affair, pick your pain. If you do not surrender, you will experience pain. If you succumb, you will experience pain. If your affair gets discovered, can you bear the pain it will cause others? Can you bear the losses? Can you bear the scorn/secret admiration/envy/not so secret hatred/gossip?

Ten years from now, will you regret having sex with him? Or not having sex with him? Will you still be missing him?

Skip the self-condemnation. Hell, for thousands of years, men have had multiple wives and concubines.

Good wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, person, worker, professional, pious person – all roles. Being an adulteress will forever put you in one of society’s other categories.

If possible, have one safe, non-judging, non-tattling friend in whom you can confide.


Post script: I over-think everything. I don’t know what I am talking about.