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Today I stroked my cat – the one who wears the soft pin-stripe suit.

The one with fathomless eyes, tufts of hair at the tips of her ears, the holy M on her forehead.

My tear dripped on her nose as she contemplated me.

I was perfecting a good-bye that had taken me by surprise.

Why are they all a surprise?


Why is this one different?

Why are they all the same?


Today I was skimming the New York Times Bestseller book.

The catch-phrase: “Stunning . . . certain to be a book of the year . . . “

The endless words were throwaways.

I set the “unmatched detail and truth” aside,



Is there one good-bye to end all good-byes?

Why ever start? Why ever love?

The fix wears off – even when it was lengthy friendship –

Besides the visceral, incendiary chemistry.

Postponing good-bye.


Wait. Who is that I see just beyond my vision?


Once a month I play cards with a quick, straight-backed prankster in her ninth decade.

She has said good-bye to husband, siblings, two children, three grandchildren.

She refuses to go to funerals anymore.

Some have perfected good-bye.

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Photo ~ Robelle Degenaer

One thought on “Perfecting Good-bye

  1. I come from a very long-lived family. I don’t like change, and I hate goodbyes. So I tend to simply hold on to what I have until I don’t Distance and absence hurt, but isolation is worse. I’d play cards with anyone. Goodbye is nothing beside never saying hello. That’s why I like the stanza about the friend. I play cards with my grandma (who is also in her ninth decade). One day, I won’t have her to play cards with. My mom. My friends. But my way of perfecting goodbye is to make sure I never run out of quality people to say hello to. It doesn’t eliminate pain, but there will always be pain in life.

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