The “expert” told me long ago

Sex is one of many components

In a couple’s relationship.


When it goes wrong, however,

It becomes the only component.


That explains why

I am obsessed.

Every part of him

Speaks of sex to me.


Tonight it is the slant of his wrist

Joining the thumb,

The flesh of his forearm.

Those hands are one

Of many components

That can ravish my mind.


Earlier in the day

It was words recorded

As an undertone near my ear.

No touch.


Sex is all I can think about.


He is all I can think about.









3 thoughts on “From a Woman Who Still Likes Sex….

  1. In my photography days, I did a story about this old married couple. The husband gave me a rule I mean to imply:
    “You have to passionately kiss your wife once a day,” he said. “If you can’t find the motivation to kiss your wife at least once in a day, something’s wrong.”
    They were great people and great grandparents. This story reminded me of them.

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