despair bw
Photo ~ Jean Larson

This full-time caregiver

Is stuck in a nightmare,

Along with the one she loves –

The husband she cares for.


One difference:

The one who is ill has one battle –

With his chronic disease.

For the care-giver there are multiple battles —

Working another part-time job,

Keeping laundry, cooking, cleaning current,

Hours/days spent online, form-filling, on the phone

To acquire funding for

Designer drugs.

To name a few.


Another burr:

The indifference of many who claim to love.

They cannot help it.

They do not live here

Under his or my skin.


One Spirit



Far away, but close.

With few agendas:

To be nurtured/strengthened, yes.

To daily strengthen/nurture.

Look at me.

I am strong.

I do not disappear or fold.

There is no cowardice in me.


“…Though someone might prevail against the one who is alone, two will withstand…. A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” ~ Ecclesiastes 4:12




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