Senedipidous Destiny

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It is interesting how one small decision can change the course of life.

Trinity United Methodist Church, Iron Mountain, Michigan changed my destiny.

When I frivolously took employment as their organist in 1984, I did not know the people of the church. My sister-in-law Ruthie had handed me an ad Trinity United Methodist Church had placed in the newspaper. (My mother had always warned me to “watch out for those ungodly liberals”.) The organ was an old drawbar Hammond. Not cool since the Doors sang “Come on Baby, Light My Fire.”

I did not know the people of the church would love my husband, our two sons, and myself into a new home – straight out of our desert where angry-in-name-only Christians wander in search of souls to denigrate, discount and destroy.

We joined the church in time. At that moment of joining, I passed the Statue of Liberty to thrive in my new spiritual abode. As a United Methodist organist, I was to encounter my first female administrative council chair, first female pastor and first female bishop (who can forget Judith Craig?).

Our denomination’s father, John Wesley said many things. Here are two of my favorites of his wise sayings:

“We think, and we let think.”

Also, “We draw circles to include people, not to exclude them.”

Trinity UMC embodies these two sayings for me.

A church can make all the difference. In this female pastor’s life – who finally was able to follow my path from God, starting at age 39, Trinity UMC surely did. I cannot even guess how many people have encountered Jesus in a fresh way because of this one church.

God knows, dear saints, Trinity UMC has a dazzling ancestry.



Animus/Anima + Muse

despair bw
Photo ~ Jean Larson

This full-time caregiver

Is stuck in a nightmare,

Along with the one she loves –

The husband she cares for.


One difference:

The one who is ill has one battle –

With his chronic disease.

For the care-giver there are multiple battles —

Working another part-time job,

Keeping laundry, cooking, cleaning current,

Hours/days spent online, form-filling, on the phone

To acquire funding for

Designer drugs.

To name a few.


Another burr:

The indifference of many who claim to love.

They cannot help it.

They do not live here

Under his or my skin.


One Spirit



Far away, but close.

With few agendas:

To be nurtured/strengthened, yes.

To daily strengthen/nurture.

Look at me.

I am strong.

I do not disappear or fold.

There is no cowardice in me.


“…Though someone might prevail against the one who is alone, two will withstand…. A threefold cord is not quickly broken.” ~ Ecclesiastes 4:12




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The Seer

Your eyes are flaming golden lanterns

I glimpse at a distant revelry.

Then shrouded lamps,

Shadowy man as in a dream —

Watching me sway off balance

In my stupor,


Reaching for you.

Is there emotion

Behind that level gaze?

Do I sense you?

Does the body lie?


Who do you see?

It is said we never see ourselves

As accurately as others see us.

Are you willing to see me,