56 POM - Prowling cougar by Scott Read
PHOTO: Prowling Cougar by Scott Read




My love for you

Is a roaring ruffian.

It does not fit

Prescribed formulas.

It has revealed my

Fear which lurks


Behind all need to control,

Dread of shocking,

More than being disheartened

(I am friends with disappointment).


Not wanting to be taken



Frightened of being a fool

To whom?


To lose



It is a grace

To be unraveled

One stitch at a time

By your transparent

Physical beauty —

Quiet, dark-kissed

Consummate innocence.



Not seriously


Note to International young men:

Older American women

Are ravenous, generous and pious.


If you should by fortune

Find one who is not pious

But pleasing to look at,


Fall on your knees

And thank your great god.

Honey, you know who you are.






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