To CyberLove

Today is the day I began to long for you.

Such an unreasonable thing to do.

I’m a fool.


I blame it on your pose –

The turn of your smooth bronze wrists and arms,

Your immaculate boots and oh

Your strong legs.


There is the roughness of a day’s growth

Around the curve of your lips.

How tall you have become next to me.


I am silly.

You, a man who is looking forward at life – burning,

I am looking back – icy.

You see the sun

When I bathe in the moonlight.

You are Yin.

I am Yang.


Is it your serious face that charms?


What a fool I am to gasp and grasp your beauty.

You are a good spirit who keeps coming

Back to haunt me

With even your name lyrical on my lips.


I have intention.

I am a good spirit

Haunting you also.


You will feel my cool hands

On the small of your back –

Melting my ice in your fire.


You will hear a whisper

In the twilight.

You will not see me –

Only feel my wish for you,

Beloved icon of

What Fate could never allow.




courtyardThere are few languid summer afternoons here

Cooling near your pure male essence

Legs entwining legs, fingers touching fingers

Ceiling fan circling-circling above us

The river moving-moving by the slope

We could be in Venice or Paris

Within earshot of Henry Miller and Anais Nin

Smoking and laughing in conspiracy

Their souls rising from the lower courtyard

Excising our sun-filled stupor

That ought never